2023-2024 Cherokee Bend Family PTO Financial Requests


Over the course of the school year, Chief PTO organizes several fundraisers that directly benefit CBS. We know that everyone’s finances are different and that you may not be able to participate in all of these events. We also know that most families like to plan ahead!


Here is a tentative outline of Chief PTO’s fundraisers for the upcoming school year. We are so grateful for the generous families at CBS and are looking forward to a great year together! 


Chief Sponsors Campaign (July-August)

*This is our biggest and most important fundraiser of the year!


  • Giving levels outlined here.



PTO Dues (Fall)

*Included in your Chief Sponsor Membership

  • $25 and includes membership in the PTO and access to the School Directory (online only this year)


Grand Chief’s Campaign (Fall)

  • We love to get our Grandparents involved at The Bend! We plan to invite Grand Chiefs to read to classes or eat lunch with their Chiefs this year. At the end of the year, Grand Chiefs are invited to breakfast and Chief Chat in the classrooms. Click here to fill out your student’s Grand Chief’s contact information for our ‘23-’24 campaign.


Classroom Dues (Fall)

  • $55 - K-5th grades (6th has a separate committee collecting dues)
  • Dues breakdown the cost of the teacher and staff birthday, holiday and end of year gifts, teacher appreciation week, carnival prizes, and Benefit for the Bend art project supplies. 


Charleston Wrapping Paper Sale (August 18-September 1)

  • Peruse the much loved Charleston Wrap wrapping paper and other fun items for potential gifts or gifts for yourself and proceeds come back to Chief PTO.


Red and Yellow Run (September 17 - registrations will be purchased in August)

*This is a great community building event (not a fundraiser) that you don’t want to miss! 

  • Red and Yellow Run packet $25 per runner includes shirt and goodies in a race bag. 
  • Boxed dinner $12 per person  


Benefit for the Bend and eBend (February 2024)

  • The live and in person event is back! Planning is underway for a fun night for CBS parents with an online and in person auction, dinner and dancing in late February. Tickets range around $65 per person. Ticket prices TBD. 


Boosterthon (April 2024) 

  • A very fun week at Cherokee Bend, every time a donation/pledge goal is met, a class will win prizes like doughnut parties and dance parties, all run by Boosterthon pros. At the end of the week Boosterthon puts on a blow up obstacle run with a DJ that the kids love! Donations can be any amount, and anyone can give, including cousins, neighbors, or grandparents.


Carnival (May 3, 2024)

*This is a great school-wide event (not a fundraiser) that your kids don’t want to miss!

  • The year ends with a big exciting Carnival to celebrate. This labor of love includes all hands on deck volunteering. We sell Carnival t-shirts for the kiddos to wear that day and as a keepsake plus tickets to cover the cost of this large undertaking. Tickets and t-shirts are $30 pp. We also offer booth sponsorships for $100 each. 


Other asks come from: 


Mountain Brook Foundation Campaign Give $180 - $1 for each day of school