The mission of the Chief PTO is to positively impact, support, and enhance the overall learning environment at Cherokee Bend School. As part of this mission, we seek to strengthen the relationship between home and school.


Chief Sponsors 2022-2023

Davenport Dental & Wellness Center-

Celia & Jeff Davenport

Laura & David Fleenor

Laura & Brandon Nye

Amanda & Wes Spencer

Brittany & Derek Patterson

Alice & Paul Harding

The Murphys

McCullough Family

Sarah & William Paulk

Blackmon Rogers Architects, LLC-

Molly & David Blackmon

The Sellers Family

The Clark Family

John & Mary Louis Quinn

The Miller Family

Fleming & Chad Long

The Gilbert Family

Graham & Harrison Smith

Hyde Engineering

Hannah & Max Payne

Mr & Mrs Kane Burnette

The Paisley Family

Empire Pipe & Supply Company, Inc.-

David & Julie Blount

The Stowe Family

The Short Family

Ryan & Brandie Hunter

Christina & Martin Smith

Lori & Brandon Goodson

Patricia & Collier Craft

The Galgano Family

The Brand Family

Michael & Julie Rediker

The Hughes Family

The Zajac Family

Bernard & Lacey Scott

Emily & Jeff Jensen

The Brobst Family

Crawford Gentle Law, P.C.

Kathryn Gentle

Austin & Kelsey Blair

Mark & Bobbi Blackwell

Jeff & Elizabeth Hill

Kristi & Brian Chopin

The Lewis Family

Jim & Patsy Donahue

Lane & Kathryn Hagan

The Kuehnert Family

Shawna & Christopher Samford

The Landry Family

The Hairston Family

The Caley Family

Hugo & Julia Marx

Birmingham Concrete Design-

Michael & Katie Morris

The Boudreaux Family

Katie & Will Allen

Becky & Willis Meriwether

Katie & Paul Juliano

Ruth Ann & Brett Turner

The Frerman Family

Katie & Michael Morris 

Assurance Mortgage-

Eric Kelly

Charlotte & David Sizemore

James & Amy Kathryn Gannon

Whitney & Margaret DeBardeleben

Becky & Tyler Holt

The Meadows Family

Edward & Ali Elliott

Katie & Jansen Voss

Gordon & Beth Blair

Catharine Crane & Mike Holden

Jennifer & Patrick Decker

Jessica & George Lane

Ray & Poyner Properties-

Carly Hines, Realtor

Liz & Jarod Holt

Krista & LT Grant

Elisa & Aaron Nelson

Mandy & Jeff Powell

Meghan and Billy Coffman

Mary Ellen & Charles DeBardeleben

ARC Realty-

Beau & Ellen Bevis

Stacy & Eric Gunn

Mary Beth & Chuck Dean

Eli Services - Electricity & Lighting Inc

The Foote Family

Richard and Katherine Littrell

The Mauldin Family

Margaret and Barnes Ray

The Butcher Family

The Menendez Family

Amanda and Clay Pittman

The Winston Family

Rhiannon & Jonathan Sharp

The Fincher Family

Greer & Dan Singley

Anne & Vince Schilleci

Holly & Tice Young

Caroline & Byron Woods

Cameron & Whitt Steineker


Eliza & Davis Maxwell

Rachelle & Christopher Mouron

Laine & Zack Barnes

Claire & Jimmy Puckett

David & Anna Fron

Laura and Ross Lumsden

Austin & Andrea Kane

The Vardas Family

Lee and Chesley Suttles

The Peyton Family

Haas & Trey Wells

The Carlisle Family

JanieMac & Kevin Roe

Casey & Chris Cotton

Meredith & John Sherrill

The Kahlon Family

Fletcher and Lisa Little

Lindsay and Allen Jones

Washington Wellness-

Theresa Caridi & Reggie Washington

The Carlisle Family

Rachel & Brad Meers

Maurie & Billy Shaw

Hayley & Phil Caldwell

Amy & Hallett Johnson

Morris-Shea Bridge Company, Inc.

The Shea Family

Price Armstrong, LLC -

Emily & Oscar Price

Sarah Butler Interior Design-

Sarah and Kevin Butler

Sarah Meade & Nathan Wood

Walter &Mary Emily Monroe

The Norton Family


Tiffany & Gary Coshatt

The Wilson Family

Important Dates

Dates for 2022-2023 School Year:

August 17:          Room Mom Meeting in Lunchroom (8:00 a.m.)

          Parent Chief Camp in the Auditorium (4:45 p.m.)

         Back to School Parent Night (K-4th) in the                   Classrooms (5:15-6:00 p.m.)

August 23:         Municipal Elections (auditorium)

August 24:         Parent Chief Camp in the Auditorium (4:30 p.m.)

          5th Grade Back to School Parent Orientation in                  the Auditorium (5:00 - 6:00 PM)

          6th grade Back to School Parent Orientation in                  the Lunchroom (5:00 - 6:00 PM

August 29:           PTO Volunteer sign-ups go live 

September 1-9:  Boosterthon

September 5:    Labor Day (School Holiday) 

September 8:      General PTO Meeting (10:00 a.m.) in the Auditorium