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 Congratulations to the newly inducted 2024-2025 PTO Board! 
We look forward to your leadership for the next school year.


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Christina and Martin Smith

Kim and Peyton Paisley

 Patricia and Collier Craft

Margaret & Whitney DeBardeleben

David Faulkner

The Van Pelt Family

Gold Level

Mary Ellen and Charles DeBardeleben

Carolyn and Samuel Galgano

Laura and John Parks

Haley and Christopher Clark

 Celia and Jeff Davenport

Crawford Gentle Law, P.C. - Kathryn C. Gentle

Laura and Ross Lumsden

Mandy and Jeff Powell

Jennifer and Patrick Decker

Carolyn and Jeff Powell

Katie and Wilbur Allen 

Cortex Managed Services - Hallett & Amy Johnson

Sarah and Kevin Butler

David C. Hufham Orthodontics


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