Student Information and Policies



Mountain Brook School Board Policies

Cherokee Bend Expectations and Procedures


At Cherokee Bend, we choose to be responsible, ready, and respectful.

We are leaders and learners!


Daily School Hours


First Morning Bell 7:40 a.m.

Tardy Bell 7:50 a.m.

Walkers 2:45 p.m.

Carpool 2:50 p.m.


School officially starts at 7:50 a.m. The school building opens at 7:20 a.m. The first school bell rings at 7:40 a.m., and the last bell rings at 7:50 a.m.

  • Students arriving between 7:20 and 7:40 should go to the gym where they will be supervised until the bell rings.
  • Any student arriving between 7:40 a.m. and 7:50 a.m. should report directly to their classroom.
  • Students entering school after 7:50 a.m. are considered tardy and parent(s) will need to sign them in at the front office. Once the tardy bell rings, the personnel supervising carpool enter the building and security doors lock behind them. Please be aware that students will only be able to re-enter the building through the front doors after 7:50 a.m. and should be accompanied by the adult dropping them off.
  • Walkers are dismissed at 2:45 p.m. Carpool begins at 2:50 p.m.

Some days, children will be dismissed from school early for conferences or holidays, and those times will be announced ahead with ample notice.



This email blast is how we communicate with you! We typically send out an email blast on

Monday mornings of each week. This informative email will give you all pertinent information for

the coming week. Read these carefully and you’ll be up to speed and ‘in the know’ on all things

Cherokee Bend.


School Procedures


Absences: If your child is going to be absent, you can find an absence link on the Cherokee Bend’s homepage under ‘CBES Absences.’ Please take the time to fill this online form out prior to your child’s absence. This will come in handy when you are up in the middle of the night with a sick child and want to rest and not worry about the little details in the a.m. It is also helpful to email your child’s teacher and front office secretary.


Late Check In: If you need to check your child in late, please go to the front office to sign your child in. A child who arrives after 11:30 a.m. is considered absent for that day.


Check Out: If you need to check your child out early, please go to the front office to fill out the

form. The front office secretary will then call your child to you. If your child leaves before 11:30, he or she is considered absent for that day. We do not allow check outs after 2:30pm.


Volunteering: If you are volunteering at Cherokee Bend, please check in and out through the main office and sign our student confidentiality form. Remember that you must have your Driver’s License with you in order to get a badge to enter the school. There are no exceptions to this rule in order to keep our children’s safety as a top priority.


Medicine - If your child takes medication (prescription or over the counter), please make sure you have filled out the necessary forms before leaving the medication with the school nurse. All medication must be current, labeled and in the original manufacturer’s container. Please NO PILLS IN A ZIPLOCK BAG!


Safety: During school hours, all doors are locked, and you must enter the front office. All visitors to Cherokee Bend must enter and exit through the main office. When arriving, please ring the bell and BRING IN YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE. The front office secretary will talk with you and "buzz" you in the front door. Please return to the office to exit.


School Contact: The office phone number is 871-3595.

School Lunch Information


Before your child eats lunch at school, you will need to send money for his or her lunches. You

may either send a check (written to CBS Cafeteria) to the office or you may pay online at You will need to register the first time that you go to the

website, but it is very easy. Once you set up your account, you can schedule automatic payments, or you can go online when your child's balance is getting low and pay manually. There is a processing fee ($1.95) for each family when paying online.

  • Class lunch schedules are posted online.
  • Monthly lunch menus can be accessed via the MBS website and MBS app. 
  • Student Lunch: $3.00
  • Guest Lunch $4.50
  • Prices for ala carte can be found here: 
  • Kindergarten- 2nd Grades: do not purchase extras
  • 3rd Grade: only purchases one item on Fridays
  • 4th-6th Grades: optional daily, two items only 
  • If cash payments are made, the full amount will be deposited into the child’s account (no change will be provided).
  • Don’t worry--our Kindergarten teachers are great at helping students learn and practice their cafeteria number!
  • Visitors are welcome to lunch throughout the year. Check with your child’s teacher before visiting so preparations can be made accordingly. All visitors will need to go to the school office and submit a driver's license for a visitors sticker prior to joining your child in the lunchroom.


Dismissal Procedures


All students need to know their dismissal plan before coming to school each day. Please remember to obey all official signs on streets surrounding CBS.

  • Fair Oaks Drive is a one-way street from 7:30am until 8:00am and from 2:30pm until 3:15pm. Staying to the right places you in the Front (Main) Carpool Line. Staying to the left places you in the Side Carpool Line (Bike Rack).
  • Please keep the center lane on Fair Oaks clear for emergency vehicles and people that need to get to the school immediately.


Front (Main) Carpool Line: 

  • The proper and safest procedure for all children is to proceed through the main carpool line in front of the school. Have your child's car name tag readily available.
  • Carpool line begins right before the CBS driveway next to FOAC.
  • Please obey all crossing guards and carpool directions. Watch for children at all times. As the carpool line proceeds, maintain a clear distance on either side of a crosswalk. Pull up to your designated number and wait for your child. A member of our Safety Patrol will open the door for your child.
  • Carpool auction winners will park in the "Chief Parking" zone, which is the area between the loading driveway (near the auditorium) and the flagpole. These cars have a special hang tag.
  • If you are picking up your child early, please use a parking space and avoid blocking the drive in front of the school building.
  • Students may not go into the parking lot without an adult.
  • Students may not be loaded into any vehicle on the left side.


Side Carpool Line (Bike Rack) DIFFERENT this year... it will run like Front (Main) Carpool Line:

  • Parents may proceed through the bike rack area in front of the fields and auditorium.
  • A CBS employee will be calling for student names in the back lane of the parking lot. Have your child's name tag readily available. Students will be waiting patiently in the auditorium until their name is called. When the curb is full, parents should wait in a line in the back lane of the parking lot. When a spot along the curb opens up, parents may pull forward before picking up children. Parents should remain in their vehicle. Side carpoolers should yield to the front carpool line and carefully watch for children and carpool directions.
  • Students may only load into a vehicle when the car is along the curb. For the safety of our children, double parking is not allowed at the bike rack. Safety Patrol members will not be present at Side Carpool Line.
  • Students may not load into any vehicle on the left side curb.
  • Students may not load into any vehicle on the left side of the vehicle.



  • Parents walking to meet their children should have a designated meeting spot.
  • In the event of Inclement Weather or Rainy Day Carpool, walkers will dismiss through the Front (Main) Carpool line.

Extended Day Program- Students meet in the lunchroom after dismissal.


Inclement Weather Dismissal


In the event that severe and potentially dangerous weather (storms, hurricanes, tornadoes or tornado conditions, snow, ice) is expected to develop during the school day, the decision for early dismissal will be made by the superintendent. Parents will be notified via the School Messenger System (automated phone and email system). Parents should also listen to local radio or television stations (Channel 10), or check the website at for announcements of early dismissals and closings.


During such dismissal, the principal may have to require students to remain in the school until

such conditions are no longer present. Parents and other drivers are strongly discouraged

from arriving earlier than the designated time with the intention of signing out students

before the actual dismissal.


The following procedures have been put into place in order to ensure the safety of you and

your child.

  • If a Tornado Procedure/Warning is signaled during early or routine dismissal, students will be escorted downstairs to the safety zones designated for their homerooms. Students will leave their backpacks in their carpool zones and out of the traffic pathways. Backpacks will be picked up upon dismissal. 
  • Carpool will be postponed until the warning is lifted and conditions are safe to resume carpool. 
  • Drivers who are in the carpool line when the sirens sound are encouraged to pull over to the side of the road and join us inside for their own maximum protection.  
  • Parents will be accommodated and asked to remain in the downstairs central hallway.  
  • If parents want to check a child out, they will be expected to sign a waiver clearly stating that it is the school’s strong recommendation that they stay at school until the warning is lifted. Parents or guardians will be allowed to only sign out their own children. While somewhat inconvenient, we want to protect our parents from any undue liability issues. 
  • Students signed out under these conditions will be brought to the parents by CBS staff who will locate the students quickly and efficiently. 
  • Rainy Day Carpool: In the event of heavy rain and/or lightning (thunder), all students will go through the Main Carpool Line, Bike Rack Carpool and Walkers included. The decision for "Rainy Day Dismissal" will be made by an administrator and announced by 2:30 p.m. These procedures have been put in place to ensure the safety of our children.


Cell Phone/Smartwatch Policy


Students may have cell phones and smartwatches at school. The cell phones and smartwatches are to be kept in the student’s backpack or locker from 7:20 a.m.-3:10 p.m. unless they are being used for academic instruction. If a student is using a cell phone or smart watch without permission, the cell phone and/or smartwatch will be collected by the teacher. The device will be given back at the end of the school day. If a student is using a cell phone or smartwatch again without permission, the cell phone and/or smartwatch will be taken to an administrator. The child’s parent can pick up the cell phone and/or smartwatch from the administrator. 


Classroom Treats

Holiday and birthday treats should be coordinated with your child’s homeroom teacher. For the health and safety of our students, it is important to consider any food allergies any child may have.


Forgotten Items

Homework, books, lunch, and other items left at home that a student may need during the school day can be brought to the school. Please place your child’s item on the table in front of the office. Place a sticky note with your child’s name on the item. Email your child’s teacher to let him or her know that there is an item waiting on the table for your child that needs to be picked up.


Lost and Found

Lost and Found articles are kept on a rack in the lobby. Students are urged to turn in any item found on the school grounds or in the building. Students and parents should check periodically to claim lost items. Unclaimed items are donated to charity at the end of each nine weeks. Please label all items with your child’s name.


Return Check Fee 

A return check fee of $35.00 will be applied to all returned checks. 


Returning to School after an Illness

The student must be fever-free for 24 hours without the use of an antipyretic medication (i.e. Advil, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Tylenol, Acetaminophen, etc.). Coughing, diarrhea, and vomiting need to have discontinued or be determined not to be contagious by a physician. Remember, your child will perform their best when feeling their best. 


Safety Patrol 

Students from the fifth grade have the opportunity to serve on the school Safety Patrol. The Safety Patrol assists in maintaining safe conditions while students enter and exit their cars both before and after school. The Safety Patrol also helps students at the crosswalk on Fair Oaks Drive.


Child Find Notice for Special Education


Special education services for children with disabilities are provided in accordance with the Individual with Disabilities Education Improvement Act, Amendments of 2004 and Alabama Act 106.  Child Find is an attempt to locate and provide appropriate educational and related services to all children with disabilities between the ages of birth to 21.  If you are the parent of a child with disabilities who is not receiving services, or if you would like more information, please contact Dr. Missy Brooks at the Mountain Brook Board of Education, Special Education Department, 205-414-3836.


Gifted Child Find Notice


Intellectually gifted children and youth are those who perform at or have demonstrated the potential to perform at high levels in academic or creative fields when compared with others of their age, experience, or environment.  These children and youth require services not ordinarily provided by the regular school program.  Children and youth possessing these abilities can be found in all populations, across all economic strata, and in all areas of human endeavor. 


Teachers, counselors, administrators, parents or guardians, peers, self, or any other individuals with knowledge of the student’s abilities may refer a student to the Student Support Team for consideration for placement in the enrichment program.  Additionally, all second grade students are observed as potential gifted referrals using a gifted behavior checklist and referred to the Student Support Team as appropriate.


For each student referred, information is gathered in the areas of aptitude, characteristics, and performance.  This information is entered on a matrix where points are assigned according to established criteria. The total number of points earned determines if the student qualifies for the enrichment program.


To make a referral, contact your child’s classroom teacher.


Student and Family Contact Information 


In the event that any of your contact information changes during the school year, please notify the front office at


The use of contact information contained herein is strictly for the benefit of parents, teachers, staff, and students. The use of this contact information to promote or advertise non-school programs or activities, or use by any outside organization, or any unapproved commercial use is prohibited. 


Many of the numbers and email addresses are unpublished except in this directory. Those families who provide unpublished information have placed their trust in the rest of us in the Cherokee Bend community to safeguard their data. Please do not violate that trust by inappropriate use or release of information. 

Important School Happenings


Meet and Greet: Before school begins, class lists are posted online. The day before school begins, you will have the opportunity for your child to visit his/her classroom and meet the teacher. During this time, you and your child will meet your teacher in the classroom. You will also have an opportunity to learn more about different after school programs and fundraisers in the Auditorium.More information regarding times will be sent via eNews.


Back to School Night/Parent Orientation: This is held in the evening a few days after the 1st day of school. Make sure at least one parent attends since this is when teachers will be talking to parents about the school year, expectations, procedures, etc. There will be a lot of information covered, and you do not want to miss this! Bring your calendar and come ready to sign up for volunteer opportunities such as working in the classroom and attending field trips.


Fall Conferences: An opportunity to meet one-on-one with your child's teacher to discuss your

child's progress. School will dismiss early at 11:50 a.m. on conference days so that parents and teachers can meet during school hours.


E-Day: There will be two E-Days each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. E-Day is a day in which students receive their classroom instruction electronically. This day will require your child to work from home digitally without physical attendance in the school building. E-Day instruction is linked to grade level standards, is real-time learning and connected to in-class learning. It should reflect a normal school day and is a valuable day of instruction. Teachers across the district use this time for professional learning.


Red and Yellow Run: This annual 1 mile fun run is a great community building run where students(and parents) have the chance to run the streets behind Cherokee Bend, get splattered with colored chalk, and cool off afterward in the spray of a fire hose! Bring towels; we get messy! We’ll have food trucks for after the race so we can all celebrate the new school year as a Cherokee Bend Family!


General PTO Meetings: about four times per year, Our PTO holds General PTO meetings in the auditorium on a variety of topics pertinent to your child’s education. Please plan to join us for

these meetings which last no longer than one hour. Topics discussed include curriculum, technology, etc.


Scholastic Book Fair: This fun book sale is a week-long event held in the library. Each class will have the opportunity to shop during the sale, so please remember to send money with your child on the day he or she is attending the Book Fair. Parents and grandparents are also encouraged to attend the sale with their child's class on their scheduled day. Parents who are unable to attend have the option to purchase books from their child's wish list at any time during the Book Fair. There will be great books for children of all ages, and this is a great opportunity to buy for birthdays and holidays! The proceeds from the book fair benefit the CBE library.


Expressions Art Contest: This district event kicks off school wide before Winter Break and is open to all students. Every year has a new theme. The entry categories are photography, literature, visual art, music composition, video & film. School winners will move on to compete at the Mountain Brook district level. The contest extends over Winter break, so there will be ample time for your child to create a masterpiece. This is a great way for your child to showcase his or her many talents! Volunteers are needed to help collect and sort entries for judging.


Benefit for the Bend: Our chance as parents to let loose and come together socially in support of CBS. We have a silent and live auction with hundreds of exciting items to bid on.


Spring Conferences: An opportunity to meet one-on-one with your child's teacher to discuss your child's progress. School will dismiss early (11:50 a.m.) on conference days so that parents and teachers can meet during school hours. Also please note that spring conferences are optional, and teachers will contact you if they feel that a conference is needed.


Teacher Appreciation Week : This is a week to show our teachers how much they mean to us.

There is a special luncheon planned during the week. Volunteers are needed to help with the

luncheon and to watch the students in the classroom while the teachers have a nice lunch with

their colleagues.


Field Day: This event is held the last week of school and is a fun day for students and staff.

Students compete in relay races with the other classes in their grade.


Carnival: This event is held during the last days of school and is a fun day for our children. Games, rides and themed booths all help celebrate the close of another great school year. Many volunteers are needed to help coordinate events (prior to and during), set-up, and clean- up.


Tremont: Our 5th graders travel to the Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont in Townsend, Tennessee. Our week at Tremont is an amazing experience led by Cherokee Bend’s 5th grade teachers. This experience enables learning to take place outside of the school’s walls and allows for growth academically, socially, emotionally and physically.


FOAC: The FAIR OAKS ADVENTURE CURRICULUM: FOAC is unique to CBS and was written to enrich the physical education program and to be an addition to the classroom enrichment program using the teaching strategies of a classroom teacher in an outdoor setting. It is linked closely to the mission, vision, and goals of the Mountain Brook City School System.

FOAC is done through goal setting, learning to value themselves, and others, and higher level thinking skills that encourage students to relate cooperative experiences to the school setting. Both 5th and 6th grades participate in FOAC campouts.


Programs/ Performances


Veterans Day Program

This program, performed by the 4th Grade, is a very special program to honor those parents,

grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family members who have served (or are currently serving) our country. Veterans are encouraged to attend this program with their child. All families are encouraged to attend this special event.


Winter Holiday Program

All students in K-3 participate in the Winter Program. The performance is held in the morning

shortly after school begins. Siblings are welcome to come, but please remember that the program lasts about an hour, and the audience is expected to sit quietly during this program. Be sure to arrive early as seats fill up fast! Make sure that your child is dressed in festive holiday attire. 


School Spelling Bee

Students in grades 4-6 participate in the school Spelling Bee. 


Alabama History Program

Each year the 4th graders showcase famous Alabama residents through singing, speeches and



Famous People Program

Each year the 2nd graders showcase a famous person through speeches, singing and costumes.


Tremont Program

Each year the 5th graders conduct a program showcasing the highlights from their week at



6th Grade Clap Out

This is when the sixth graders take one last walk through the school. All classes stand in the

hallway to cheer on the outgoing students.


6th Grade Recognition Day

This is an assembly where sixth graders are celebrated and receive honors. Sixth grade parents

are encouraged to attend.