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Support our Chief Playground Campaign 


Why do we need a new playground?

Did you know our current playground is approximately 20 years old?  While we have made some improvements and added new features over the years, our current playground no longer serves the needs of all of our Chiefs.  With your financial support, our goal is to renovate the CBS playground.  The new Chief Playground will be all-inclusive, making it “a place where everyone belongs.”  Every student will easily be able to play with their peers, and a wheelchair will not deter a child from having a fun and engaging playground experience. 


How can I donate?

Our hope is that we have 100% community participation in our Chief Playground campaign.  We encourage parents, CBS alumni, Mountain Brook businesses, and community and state leaders to participate in the campaign.  Chief PTO is a 501(c)(3) - ask about corporate donation matching for our Chief Playground donation levels.  

You can support our Chief Playground campaign by joining one of our Playground Partner sponsorship levels: Champion ($15,000), Diamond ($10,000), Platinum ($5,000), Gold ($2,500), Silver ($1,000) and Bronze ($250).  Click here  for more information about our 2022-2023 sponsorship levels

Click here for more frequently asked questions! 

Click here to purchase your Chief Sponsor and Playground Partner Membership online! 

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