Election Day Safety and Security
Cherokee Bend is a polling site in the Mountain Brook community. We have requested to have the site relocated but due to the residential nature of the community, there are no other locations that can support a polling site at this time. Voting for the Presidential Election will take place on Tuesday, November 3 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in our CBS auditorium. Our safety team has been working with city and district leaders to ensure our Chiefs are kept safe and secure. We want to ensure that we have communicated some of our safety protocols that are in place every day or that may be implemented for election day.

Mountain Brook police with have an increased presence on campus throughout the day.
Mountain Brook SRO team will have an increased presence on campus.
Carpool drop off and pick up will remain the same. There will be increased adult presence and supervision outside, especially during morning arrival and afternoon dismissal.
No visitors are allowed to enter any area near children. The public will only have access to the polling site with a one way entrance and exit. The polling area will be secured separate from the rest of the building.
Barriers will be placed to limit public access to our fields, playground, track, and FOAC areas.

Your child’s safety is our number one priority!

Teacher and Support Staff Member of the Year
The Alabama Teacher of the Year program seeks annually to honor and recognize excellence in the teaching profession by identifying outstanding Alabama educators at the local, district, and state levels. Please click the link below and nominate an outstanding educator to represent our tribe.



Please click the link below to nominate our Tribe's Support Person of the Year: https://forms.gle/xxEt2NyjM4XGt67C9


Please nominate by: Friday, November 6th.

Officer Horton's Corner: Discussing the W, W, W, W, and H2H?!
Who? People.

What and Where? Vehicles, with people driving them, are running the stop signs at Stone River and Wilderness.


When? As school dismisses daily.


How to help? Officer Horton nor faculty/staff can be there daily, but you can help! A parent that is in one of the first cars on Stone River or the last ones on Wilderness, can get out of their car and help the students cross the intersection. That parent would have plenty of time to get back in their vehicle before the carpool line begins to move. Have a heart and do your part.


Also please know, Officer Horton has given safety talks to all classes (K-6) about crossing intersections.

Wear your costume to school- October 30th
Please be mindful of our little ones.

Weapons of any kind are not allowed.

Refrain from face paint or full facial masks.

Facial covering masks for health reasons are required.

Refrain from group costumes that exclude others.

Refrain from costumes that restrict movement.

MBS Technology Department Update

Each year Chalkable, our student information system, requires a password reset for all users. Mountain Brook Schools plans to reset Chalkable passwords for parents the week of Monday, September 7th. Chalkable allows parents to view student grades and attendance.

Also, we will be launching parent access to our new learning management system, Schoology. Next week the district technology office will send additional information regarding parent Chalkable logins and instructions for resetting passwords. Schoology parent access will be available the week of September 7th. The MBS Website will be updated with a Parent Schoology section to provide an orientation and guide to the program.


Schoology (our new learning management platform)

All classes, K-12 are using the same folder structure for navigational consistency amongst all schools, for all students.
All assignments, K-12 will be on the one parent view calendar following a district-wide consistent naming scheme so parents can easily see what work is due when.
You, as a parent, will be able to manage which notifications you receive from Schoology concerning your students’ work.
All students have signed in and begun using Schoology on campus.
The current goal for Schoology is for teachers to have students in Schoology on a regular basis so that your student will know how to navigate, access, view, and submit work via Schoology.
Please click here for more information.

Substitute teaching opportunity!

School starting in the fall is always exciting! We anticipate a shortage in substitute teachers and aides this school year. If you would like to join the MBS team as a substitute teacher, please contact Mary Ellen Janik at Kelly Services at maryellen.janik@kellyservices.com. You will need to complete an application for Kelly, go through their training process, and have a background check. Mary Ellen will be able to explain all the details.

You can substitute on the days that are convenient for you at the school of your choice. Come one, come all, we need you! Substitute teachers serve in a critical capacity. We only want the best for Mountain Brook students! Any questions, please contact Dr. Susan Cole, Director of Personnel, at 205-871-4608.

The PTO would like to THANK...

Alana Caley for tracking EVERY single penny;

Katie Smith for the festive fall decor and outside grounds;

Melissa Thrasher and Caroline Woods for creating the amazing Halloween decor for our CBS halls;

Margaret Ray for thank you notes;

Becky Holt for Election day;

Danielle Balanis and Rachelle Mouron for Expressions!!


The PTO loves and appreciates all of our volunteers!


So many ways to support our school

  •  Learn more about our 2020-2021 Chief Sponsor campaign here.  Please contact Grace Kipp if you would like more information. 

  • Grandparents and other special friends can support our school and we will hold a special event to recognize them.  Please contact Patricia Craft if you would like to get more information.

  • Download Planet Fundraiser in the App Store/ Google Store OR text the word “RAISE” to 444-999.Once you have the app on your device, select our school in the “Campaign” menu. 

  • No more clipping. No more sending Box Tops to school. All you need is your phone. Download the Box Tops app, then simply scan your receipts. The app will automatically credit our school. For those of you that have box tops to turn in, we can still submit them! 

  • Become a Publix Partner! Participating is easy. Simply sign up for Club Publix, click Publix Partners, and select our school. Then enter your phone number or use pay with the Publix app every time you check out. Cherokee Bend Elementary School will earn cash back from your purchase.