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Grand Chiefs 2022-2023

The Grand Chief Program is a way to involve your child’s grandparent(s) or special person in their lives with our wonderful school. The Grand Chief program provides Cherokee Bend Elementary grandparents and other special relatives with an opportunity to support our great school with 100% of the contributions going directly back to Cherokee Bend.

How do I involve my child’s grandparent?

  • You can fill out the Google Doc (link is in E-News) or send an email to with your child’s name, grade, grandparent/special person name, address, and email.


What happens when I provide this information?

  • The Grand Chief committee handles the rest! We will mail your child’s grandparent/special person a letter outlining how they can be involved (by making a monetary donation) and perks for making a donation.

  • We will send a follow up letter as well as a thank you letter when the donation is received.


What are said perks?

  • A book will be donated to your child’s class in their honor.

  • Your child will be invited to attend a special breakfast with their Grand Chief in April (during school hours) and they will bring their book to share with their Grand Chief.

  • A special gift will be given to the Grand Chiefs at the spring breakfast.

  • Grand Chiefs will receive a Fall and Spring Newsletter with updates about how their donation is being used to benefit our school as well as happenings around Cherokee Bend.

Thank you to our 2022-2023 Grand Chiefs:

Kay & Jerry Powell

Karen & Mike McLeod

Kathy & Mike Mouron

Karen & Mike McLeod

Robert S. Cannon

Honora & Lloyd Gathings

Chris & Kay Kelly

Nancy C. Goedecke

Art Steineker

Charles Tudisco

Joe & Sallie Sherrill

Marcie & Charlie DeBardeleben

Betty & Jody Saiia

Julie & Steve Shaw

Mr. & Mrs. Gwaltney McCollum

Jenger & Steve Waters

Becky & Lee Pittman

Jim & Sena Fuqua

Oscar & Sand Price

Davis & Linda Thornbury

Dyer & Ronda Carlisle

Walter M. Beale, Jr.

Dan & Dorothy Lyles

Frank & Sarah Darden

Byron Lee Harrison

Marilyn & Dick Hull

Diane & John Holcomb, III

Dave Chopin

Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Vinson

Dan & Carol Miles

Ed Kezar

Vivian Jones

Gail & Milton Magnus

Cynthia Brooks

Karen & Mike McLeod

Sylvia & Charlie Spencer

Ellen & Gig Robinson

Jane & Dan Menendez

Ginger & Jerry Held

Jane & Harold Bissell

Linda Keever

Mike & Beth Neighbors

Grace & Bill Long

Kathy & Tim Gannon

Martha & John DeBuys

Bob & Cindy Harrison

Pam & Jerry Kimbrough

Patsy S. Topazi

Ralph & Betsy Smith

Karen & Doug Eddleman

James & Rebekah Meers

Crane & Nan Kipp

Terry & Donna Patterson

Mike & Patsy Pennington

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Roe

Barbara & Mo Wright

Sandra & Lyle Turner

Elizabeth & Bayard Tynes

Wendy & Bew White

Steve & Evelyn Bradley

Judge & Mrs. Vincent J. Schilleci, Jr

David & Marcia McCabe

Scott & Kim Jackson

Buddy & Karen Green

Linda & Bill Bender

Margaret & Don Manuel

Gaeton & Mary Ann Lorino

Meg & Shaun Packard

Connie & Clif Hill

Tom McGahey

Bill & Neilann Thomas

James & Patricia Redd

Cary & Lisa Payne

Susan & Mark Webb

Margaraet & Frank Caley

Ginger & Jerry Held

Jane & Harold Bissell

Kathy & Ed Logue

Nancy Golson

Lynne Ellen Kershaw

Helen & Dickie Owens

Leonard & Carolyn Bevis

Ann Adams

Nancy Martin

Tims Dowdle

David & Kay McCarty

Melinda & Jim Farrell

Mary & James Woods

Susan & Charles Ledbetter

Mark & Leigh Ann Wilson

Fairlie & Bruce Rinehart

Linda Miller

Carl & Debbie Williams

Beverly Smith

Lionel & Teri Powell

David & Kathryn Crawford

Walter Self

Mrs. Leslie C. Puckett

Holley & Phyllis Fincher

Leslie Davenport

Glen Castle

Cathy & Andy Kelly

Ed & Janet Hyndman

Ann & Dwight Hester

Dr. and Mrs. O.B. Carter

Harry & Linda Wade

Linda & Vernon Wells

Kathy & Steve Hartzog

Vicki & Jack Page

Harry & Kay Littleton

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